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En 1999 se lanzaba el Cluetrain Manifiesto, un listado de 95 afirmaciones que pretendía modificar el modo de hacer negocios. Su primer punto era toda una declaración de intenciones: “Los mercados son conversaciones?. Hoy las marcas parece que son conscientes de este fenómeno (Web 2.0, Branding 2.0, Empresas 2.0…) y crean comunidades de marca compuestas por personas con un fuerte sentido de pertenencia. No es una tendencia nueva: Lonely Planet o Red Bull hace años que disfrutan de esta fortaleza.

Es el punto de vista que comparten Alan Moore (CEO de SMLXL) y Tomi T Ahonen (gurú y experto de Oxford en tecnología y convergencia). Más información, aquí.
En su opinión, según la plasman en el libro Communities Dominate Brands, es necesario analizar “how disruptive effects of digitalisation and connectedness introduce threats and opportunities?. La clave es percibir cómo los consumidores actuales forman comunidades “to pool their power resulting in a dramatic revolution of how businesses interact with their customers?. Los anuncios, dicen, son una realidad obsoleta, el futuro es son, en parte, “blogging, virtual environments, mobile phone based swarming and massively multiplayer games?.

En definitiva, “Communities Dominate Brands arrives to its conclusion, that traditional marketing methods are increasingly ineffective and even becoming counterproductive. The power of the brands and the abuses by marketing have created a vacuum for a counterbalance, and digitally connected communities, the blogosphere, gamers, and especially the always-on connectedness of those on mobile phone networks, are emerging as the counterforce to redress the balance. The power of smart mobs and digitally enlightened communities will react rapidly to marketing excesses as the natural force balancing the power of the brands. The way a business can and must interact with the powerful new communities is through engagement marketing, by enticing the communities to interact with the brands?.

Estamos pues ante un consumidor de nuevo cuño: que definen como Generation-C for Community, the population that is always in contact with friends and colleagues and trust them more than your branded messages?.


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  1. Tomi Ahonen says: 7 marzo 200718:33

    Buenos Dias Redblog

    (My Spanish is about there, so I have to write in English).

    THANK YOU for mentioning our book, and in context of one of the books we admire, Cluetrain Manifesto.

    I want to offer all readers of Redblog the opportunity to sample our book. I am allowed to send you the first chapter and the foreword by the Chief Marketing Officer of Coca Cola. Please send me an e-mail to: tomi (at) tomiahonen (dot) com. I will send you the first chapter pdf file in return. Obviously the book is available at major booksellers and Amazon etc.

    We also have a blog and podcast on the same themes. The blog is at and the podcast is at

    Gracias !

    Tomi Ahonen :-)

  2. summa says: 7 marzo 200719:54

    Hi Tomi,

    Thank you very much for your offer and your participation in the Redblog. We, of course, would love a copy of the pdf.

    I don’t know if you’ve seen it featured here, but SUMMA has a trimestral branding publication called Allbrand, and the last issue focused on communities. Maybe you’d like to take a look at the pdf, although it’s in Spanish!

    There is also a blog category dedicated to communities:

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